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1. In real-world IoT sensor deployment it is inevitable that inaccurate readings will occur, for example due to calibration and configuration issues, sensor wear-and-tear, or even malicious tampering. As a consequence, the data used for critical tasks such as asset monitoring, predictive maintenance or process optimization cannot be trusted blindly. Please select all applicable statement(s) that match your current situation:*

2. How often are unreliable sensor readings the root cause for inaccurate process monitoring, analysis or control?*

3. Have you evaluated any sensor network verification services before?*

4. With a steady increase in sensor deployments, we anticipate an increased burden to maintain trustworthiness of collected data and integrity of sensors system. We have developed a solution that identifies in real-time most common sensor failures and suggests cost-effective remediation (e.g. automatic calibration). Would you like to learn how you can benefit from this solution?*

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