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TÜV SÜD Nederland have a partnership for testing with Multitel

Multitel is ISO17025 accredited (427-test BELAC) for tests according to ETCS Subset-026, 094, 076 (EVC) and Subset-036, 085, 116 (Eurobalise/BTM). Multitel has strong capabilities in terms of test facilities: 8 test benches for onboard and 2 full laboratories for Eurobalise/BTM test and a RBC test bench. Multitel has a large team of ERTMS experts dedicated to tests and test tools development (both HW/SW).

Multitel can test complex environments with multiple real equipments EVCs, RBCs, IXLs or some of them interacting with its simulators (VCD-EVC emulator, BCD-RBC emulator, BTM emulator, DMI emulator…). Multitel has developed a number of tools dedicated to ERTMS test and diagnostic purposes: EVC lab, Eurobalise/BTM lab, RBC lab (including Subset-RBC), Eurobalise production test bench, BTM production test bench...

Last but not least, Multitel can provide train/tracks integration tests (Subset-111/112) with EVC, RBC/IXL test remotely; M-SILAB for ETCS Subsystems IoP tests.

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