World Culture and Diversity Day


There is no “typical” TÜV SÜD employee. Our colleagues come from over 100 countries and various cultures, bringing their own perspectives to work with them every day. They are of all ages, have different lifestyles, and bring an extensive range of skills, views and interests, all of which give us an extra insight when applying our services to the wider world.

Our strength comes from these countless perspectives. We believe diversity greatly contributes to the success of TÜV SÜD and that companies with a diverse workforce are better placed to succeed when dealing with demographic and economic challenges.

  • Connor Evans

    Digital Design & Marketing Specialist // United Kingdom

    Hometown: Cairns, Australia

    "Diversity is what makes life interesting, creative and innovative."

    How did you find yourself in Scotland?

    I’ve played hockey ever since I was little and I always wanted it to take me places. So when I was just coming out of my representative hockey in Australia I was approached to play for a local club in Scotland. The timing worked out great as it would be my offseason in AUS so I decided to go, but now I’ve started a new career and looks I’m here for a bit longer now.

    What cultural differences do you find? (language barriers, infrastructure, driving, food, faith, social aspects)

    Food is probably the biggest difference I find living in Scotland compared to Australia, a lot of food (and even fast food) in Australia is really fresh and has big focus on health. Also there’s a big emphasis in Australia on being outside as much as possible, eating, drinking, going to the beach/bush. Where as in Scotland due to the weather, everything is indoors, to be fair in winter I don’t really want to be outside either but with summer coming up I’ll take the opportunity to be outside as much as I can.

    What cultural dimensions do you miss from home?

    Just the landscape in general. Being able to drive in any direction and coming into a completely different landscape, whether it be golden beaches, lush rainforest, endless stretches of bushland or even desert. But even locally since the country is big you get a lot of room to breathe with huge parks close to the city centre and even most houses having a front, back and side yards.

    Tell us about some traditions, celebrations or rituals you take part in back home.

    The one I miss the most is Christmas, we do it a bit differently being 30+ degrees outside. Generally it’s a lunch time BBQ with nice big leg of ham, drinks, some backyard cricket and in my families case a bit of ping pong.

    How do you fill any cultural gap?

    There’s a website I use which sells some Australian food and drinks. There’s a couple of I’ll buy on occasion just to give me a little taste of home, or I might share one of my favourite beers (stone and wood) with some of my Scottish friends.

    Any integration from locals?

    During my first few weeks in Scotland a lot of my team members made it a point to get me up to speed with all things Scottish. So I was forced to try some of the local drinks like Buckfast Tonic Wine as well as helping learn the language, one of my friends liked to say that we speak the same language but we’re saying different things.

    Best parts of living and working with a large culturally diverse group of individuals?

    The best part is it makes for good conversation, with diverse backgrounds and nationalities you get to hear things about certain parts of the world that you usually don’t get to hear about. Generally when we speak about Australia though its just about all the things that can kill you and me trying to convince people it’s not that bad.


  • Elena Popovici

    Administrative department, Mobility Industry // Spain

    Hometown: Resita city, Romania

    "We Can Love What We Are, Without Hating What – and Who – We Are Not"

  • Mohamed Amid

    Calibration Department // Spain

    Hometown: Rabat, Morocco

    "Because we are all different and diversity enriches us, let us live with respect."

  • Bernard Asnong

    Global HR Business Partner

    Hometown: Malawi

    “‘I am what I am because of who we all are” Ubuntu ( Zulú)

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