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Tim Piggott

Director, London Region

Director, London Region

Tim PiggottTim Piggott

Director, London Region

Tell us about yourself

I started my career in civil construction training to be a construction engineer. One of the senior engineers I was working with had a change in career direction and went to work as a commercial diver within the construction industry. I’d been a keen sports diver but never imagined that I could combine the two, so I enrolled myself on an HSE Commercial Diving course and obtained my commercial divers licence. I worked for several years on contracts in the Middle East, Pakistan and the North Sea, mainly carrying non-destructive testing and inspection in the offshore industry, as well as salvage and civils construction projects such as the Skye Bridge in Scotland.

As exciting and challenging the job was, eventually I’d had enough of living out of a suitcase and being away from family and friends for weeks, if not months at a time. So, I decided to look for something more settled. An opportunity became available at my father’s company, The UK Lift Company, and my career in the lift industry started in 1999.

Starting as a fitter’s mate, I worked my way up through to project management and eventually to sales, when in 2005 the company was acquired by Kone. I continued in my sales role but in 2007 transferred to Kone working in B Process. After meeting Peter Boardman on a few projects, he offered me a job and I joined Dunbar Boardman in 2009 as a Consulting Engineer.

Initially, I worked out of the London office before opening the Bishop’s Stortford office in 2015 to cover the East Anglia region, which I continued with until my promotion to London Regional Director in June 2023.

Why did you choose to apply to TÜV SÜD?

I was already employed by Dunbar Boardman when they were acquired by TÜV SÜD, so technically I didn’t choose them, but I feel fortunate to work in a division of a multinational company with all the benefits that brings. The fact that the vast majority of long-serving Dunbar Boardman employees remain within the business is testament to way the transition was handled and how our division is managed.

Where do you work?

I work from home in Saffron Walden, north Essex. It’s about 15 miles south-east of Cambridge so is well positioned for the East Anglia region but only 50 mins from central London on the train where I will inevitably spend more time in my new role.

What are your main areas of expertise?

Customer Relationship Management, Business Development and Project Management.

What does your role involve?

As Regional Director I have financial responsibility for the London team to develop and expand the business to achieve our ambitious goals, as well as the day-to-day management of my colleagues.

What most interests you about your role?

The challenge, and the opportunity to lead the fantastic team we have in London. At time of writing, I have only been in the role for two weeks, and as you can imagine there is a lot to take in and I am still finding my feet. We are fortunate to always have a variety of interesting projects in the system, from the refurbishment of the historic Lambeth Palace to the maintenance management for shopping centres such as Westfield White City.

What exciting developments have you seen at TÜV SÜD since you started?

The development of our Lift Manager system which provides predictive maintenance and monitoring. The IoT and AI are becoming more prevalent across the industry, so to have our own independent system to support clients is great.

What future trends do you see developing in your area of work?

The integration of technology and AI analysis of data to inform maintenance regimes, and drive improvements in reliability.

What is your biggest challenge?

Fortunately, our services are always in high demand and the market is very buoyant at present, so ensuring we deliver consistent, high-quality services for all our clients always brings an element of challenge. But for me personally, right now, it is managing the transition to the Director role. Luckily, I am surrounded by a great team in London and management team nationally.

What do you see as the top perk of working for TÜV SÜD?

Being part of a multinational company means there are lots of opportunities for training, career development and progression.

How have TÜV SÜD supported you?

They have supported my progression from a Consulting Engineer to Regional Director with training from bodies such the Institute of Leadership and Management.

Describe your fellow workers in five words

Conscientious, hardworking, knowledgeable, trustworthy, dedicated.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of applying for a role similar to yours?

Taking yourself out of your comfort zone isn’t always easy but believe in yourself and embrace the challenge.

Anything else you’d like to add?

You only get one life, make the most of it. Be positive, be resilient, acknowledge and learn from your mistakes, treat people with respect, do everything to the best of your ability, enjoy it.


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