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Shaping the future of quality management systems in the automotive industry

Shaping the future of quality management systems in the automotive industry



TÜV SÜD is the only licensed training partner for VDA training courses in India. 

Verband der Automobilindustrie (VDA) or the German Association of the Automotive Industry combines the strengths of the automotive industry and consolidates the manufacturers of passenger cars, trucks, vans and buses, the suppliers of parts and accessories, as well as the makers of trailers and bodies. The Quality Management Center (QMC) has existed for the benefit of German automotive OEM’s and their suppliers since August 1997. 

The aim is to simplify evaluation and the alignment of the questionnaire with the new requirements. The revision is focused on audit ability on site in the processes and a limitation to process-specific contents. Thus, the risks in the supply chain and product life cycle processes can be specifically analyzed, so that weaknesses in the procedures and their interfaces can be identified, corrective action can be introduced and opportunities for improvement can be determined.


The VDA 6.3 Process Auditor training and certification program trains Quality Management Professionals to make a career in process control and audits internally or externally as a service provider. The training provides participants with the knowledge of process audits as per VDA 6.3. As a part of the VDA 6.3 process auditor certification course curriculum, participants learn the process-oriented approach and customer-specific requirements for comprehensive application in the automotive industry. This enables them to carry out process audits internally and at the premises of their supplier/s independently and professionally.

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Headquartered in Munich, Germany and founded in 1866, TÜV SÜD is one of the world's leading technical service provider of testing and product certification, inspection, auditing and system certification as well as training solutions.

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