Sustainable Procurement

ISO 20400: 2017- Sustainable Procurement Awareness Training

Course Description

ISO 20400 is an international standard that sets guidelines for sustainable procurement. The standard may be utilised by any organisation that wants to enhance its social, economic, and environmental sustainability. The main guidelines of the standard include key sustainability considerations, integrating sustainability into the organisation's procurement policy and strategy, managing risks and opportunities, planning and integrating sustainability into procurement processes, and measuring and improving sustainable procurement performance. This course will enhance participants' knowledge of the concept of sustainable procurement and practical inputs on how to implement ISO 20400 successfully.

Course CONTENT/Outline

The following topics will be covered in the course:

• Understand the ISO 20400:2017-compliant sustainable procurement management system and related processes.
• The interaction of ISO 20400:2017 with other standards and regulatory frameworks.
• Interpret ISO 20400:2017 standards in the context of a Sustainable Procurement audit
• Plan first and second party audits, create reports, and follow up on audit findings

Learning Outcomes

By completing this training session, the participants will be able to explain why it’s important to have sustainable procurement, getting familiar with the key requirements/guidance of ISO 20400:2017 and thus increasing their knowledge of procurement practices.

Who Should Attend

• Procurement Managers. Quality Managers, Consultants & Advisors
• Management system auditors who want to audit ISO 20400
• Those who want to maintain ISO 20400 certification
• Those who want to improve sustainable procurement management system in their organization

Training Duration

2 Days / 16 Hrs. instructor-led classroom/live virtual training.

Exam Details

- No. of questions – 30 (including scenario-based questions, choose the best answer, summary questions)
- Total marks – 100
- Pass marks – 70
- Duration - 60 mins

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