Advanced Certificate in Safety Management System for Safety Specialist

Training program

Training program

about the course

Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) essentially defines the working environment of any organisation. It includes several factors that directly or indirectly impact the employees' safety, health, and well-being. Environmental hazards, unsafe working conditions or processes, workplace abuse, or violence are some of the factors included under the scope of WSH. This training and personal certification program has been designed for individuals who are keen to work as a Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) professional and improve the overall working environment of their organisation in terms of safety and health.

course content / outline

WSH Risk Management
- Identify WSH hazards & assess WSH risks in daily work activities
- Develop control measures based on WSH risks identified
- Formulate & monitor the risk management implementation plan

Establish and review emergency preparedness and response plan
- Establish the composition of emergency response team (ERT)
- Identify the resources for the plan implementation
- Maintain the readiness of emergency response plan (ERP)

Establish and manage WSH incident investigation and analysis process
- Types of incidents for investigation
- Manage incident investigation and analysis process
- Evaluate the effectiveness to recommend improvements to the process

Establish measurement and monitoring of WSH performance
- Determine performance measurement indicators
- Determine performance monitoring practices & conditions
- Manage performance monitoring plan in accordance with organizational requirements

Design and implement Behavioral Safety Program (BSP)
- Manage BSP implementation plan according to design parameters
- Evaluate performance outcomes to close the performance gaps identified

Develop a WSH Culture
- Process of culture assessment
- Culture enablers & barriers
- Monitor the culture development program

who should attend?

  • Management representatives
  • Safety Professionals
  • Safety Managers
  • Safety Supervisors
  • Safety Executives
  • Any others involved in OHS Implementation and Auditing

Training duration

2 Days


  • Understanding of English (if language requirement is not addressed)
  • Understanding / Knowledge of Occupational Health and Safety Management System

Exam Details (Duration, Pattern)

  • Duration: 120 minutes
  • Platform: Online 


Qualified participants will receive certificate of competence; others will receive certificate of participation

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