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Internal Auditor Training Programme based on AS/EN 9100 D

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27th & 28th Aug 2021: Internal Auditor Training Programme on AS 9100 Rev D | Duration: 2 Days | Time: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm 

AS/EN 9100 D Internal Auditor Training

Internal audits remain a crucial requirement of the AS/EN 9100 D standard to verify the compliance of an organization’s quality management system to the standard. Internal auditors must be knowledgeable of the AS/EN 9100 D requirements to effectively perform internal audits.
This internal auditor course is designed for both new auditors and existing internal auditors who need a thorough refresher of how to perform an internal audit to AS/EN 9100. Participants will gain an in-depth understanding of AS/EN 9100 D and the tools to effectively prepare and conduct 1st and 2nd party audits to AS/EN 9100 D. Through interactive learning methods, this course engages participants in a detailed review of AS/EN 9100 D, including Project Management, Risk Management, Configuration Management and Control of work performed outside the organisation’s activities.
Through individual participation and group exercises, participants will apply and audit the requirements of AS/EN 9100 D through case study activities that focus on auditing techniques as referenced by ISO 19011 and AS9101F. Upon completion of this training program, participants will leave with the skills necessary to successfully conduct internal audits to AS9100D. 

Your Benefits

  • Demonstrate an understanding of AS9100D requirements and intent.
  • Identify the requirements applicable to an AS9100D internal auditor.
  • Show an ability to independently plan, prepare and execute an AS9100D internal audit based on ISO 19011 and AS9101F guidance.
  • Identify the tools to effectively form an audit team and conduct an audit meeting according to AS9100D.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how risk-based thinking supports and improves the understanding and application of the process approach.
  • Organize documentation according to AS/EN9100 D to demonstrate effective planning, operation, and control of processes.
  • Understand how to plan and manage a business to avoid potential nonconformities, analyze nonconformities that do occur, and take action to prevent recurrence of nonconformities.


Day 1
Course introduction
Benefits & Ascendance of the standard 
Management Principles 
Process Approach
Overview on Risk based thinking
Understanding the AS9100DStandard with right intrepretation 

Day 2
Understanding the AS9100DStandard contd….
Exercise – identification of AS clauses (interactive) 
Overview on ISO 19011 /AS 9101 F
Terms & Definitions 
Principles of Auditing & Attributes of auditors

Day 3
The Audit Process – Plan, Prepare, Perform and preparation of NCRs.
Case studies & Role model (interactive)
Brief on IAQG/OASIS New generation 
Conclusion and Examination (Open book)


This training program is designed for quality professionals in the Aviation, Space and Defense industries who are: 

  • New AS9100 internal auditors
  • Existing AS9100 internal auditors that have not attended training in over three years
  • Members of an AS9100D implementation team
  • Representatives from key functional groups involved in an organization’s AS9100D quality management system


3 days


Participants will be assessed through a 50 marks written examination (open book) at the end of the course. Minimum passing% criteria: 70%.


  • TÜV SÜD certificate of “AS 9100 D Internal Auditor” will be issued to participants only after successful completion based on performance during the course and in written examination.
  • Others who have not successfully completed the course will be issued a certificate of attendance

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