Invest in your most valuable assets consistently, conveniently and collaboratively

Invest in your most valuable assets consistently, conveniently and collaboratively

Courses on Soft Skills

1. Self-Development

This course series helps in boosting the confidence of your employees and managing stress. Courses like Extreme Ownership, Time management, and many more help participants understand the ways and techniques to improve their productivity.


2. Art of Communication

These courses have been designed to help employees across diverse functions connect with each other effectively. It includes courses like Active Listening, Communication Mystery, Email Etiquettes that contribute in improving the employees’ communication skills.

3. Knowledge Management

It is very vital in today’s day and age to manage the knowledge within an organisation so that it can be used whenever it is needed. The courses in this series will support you in understanding how knowledge capital can be used more efficiently and how can you tackle the challenges associated with it.

4. Mindfulness at work

Mindfulness has become a buzz word in recent years because employees work/ life balance is generally at risk and this is because people struggle to keep up with rising workloads. Learning some of the simple techniques can bring the balance back. The series of courses under this sub-category have been designed to aid employees in achieving work-life blend and also protecting them from any kind of harassment at the workplace.

5. Presentation Skills

Presentation skills help employees to communicate professionally with a series of stakeholders including the customers, their manager, colleagues, and so on. With courses like the Power of storytelling in presentations, deliver a successful online presentation, employees can learn ways to improve their presentation skills.

6. Process Improvement

Firms that employ process improvement strategies often gain more market insights. This course series helps you understand various types of business processes and includes lean management, change management, and ways to improve your existing processes to gain better results.

7. Selling skills

This series focuses on improving the selling skills of your employees and empower them to execute better sales conversations.

8. Managing Team

In this course series, you'll learn essential leadership skills, including how to provide an effective feedback and coach your team, managing perception, team work and ensuring team motivation. Learn how to build important team management skills and how to bring out the best in your team.

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