Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing Virtual Training

Training Courses for additive manufacturing

Training Courses for additive manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, is a sector that is growing fast, especially in the field of serial production where stakeholders have high expectations of the technology’s use. As this is still fairly new technology, there is a gap in skilled professionals in the industry. TÜV SÜD has developed a series of training modules on different topics within the Additive Manufacturing process. You can gain the knowledge and receive important information about different area of responsibility in additive manufacturing such as process chains, materials, business models/quality and production management. 

Social distancing is a critical measure to restrict the spread of COVID-19. Live Virtual Training is available to ensure a continued learning experience.


Fundamentals of Additive Manufacturing (AM)

This basic training course focuses on the basics of additive manufacturing. The course will touch on the general description of the technologies summarized under the term additive manufacturing is given as well as their differentiation from the long-established manufacturing processes and the characteristic layer-by-layer structure.

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Quality and Production Management in Additive Manufacturing (AM)

This course aims to enable the participating quality manager or production manager to implement a high quality level in AM production in a targeted manner. The training enables you to implement an AM-specific quality management approach in your company. This achieves a high level of quality for your customers and creates the basis for reproducible AM series production.

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Specification of AM parts for purchase

The procurement of additively manufactured (3D printed) components requires a high level of information exchange along the entire process chain. Particularly when purchasing AM components, there is often a great deal of uncertainty regarding the requirements and information necessary to achieve a good result without the need for further complex coordination.

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