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Spice Quality Testing, Inspection & Certification Services in India

Quality and safety parameters that comply with export regulations

Spices are used in food because of their flavouring & colouring properties and also as preserving agents. Several spices carry medicinal properties and have advantages of being a natural plant origin. This is one of the important commodities under trade worldwide. India, known to produce a wide range of spices holds a prominent position in world spice production. Due to varying climatic conditions, different kinds of spices are produced all over the country. However, the risk of contamination at various stages of production and handling can be quite high. Due to intended and un-intended application of plant protection products through contaminated agro-inputs, residues of pesticides and heavy metals is a concern in spices all over the world. Improper processing and storage practices increase the chances of microbial contamination such as Salmonella, while the presence of mycotoxins is another concern for food safety. Being one of the major commodities exported to various countries due to stringent import regulations, screening of spices for various safety and quality tests is very critical.


TÜV SÜD has a wide facility for comprehensive testing of spices against various quality and safety parameters. Rapid analysis of Salmonella within 24 hours by VIDAS is one of our key services, and has a capability for testing all microbial parameters as per national and international regulations. Further, we are fully equipped to cover the screening of over 850+ pesticide residues that comply with export regulations of various countries, along with the screening for various non-permitted dyes, including Sudan and Rhodamine compounds and Aflatoxins and Ochratoxin A.

Other testing facilities include a complete physicochemical test such as filth testing and complete heavy metals screening.

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Our approvals and recognitions:

  • EIC
  • APEDA 
  • BIS

Our accreditations:

  • ISO /IEC 17025
  • DAC, Dubai as per ISO /IEC 17021
  • DakkS Germany as per ISO /IEC 17021
  • NABCB as per ISO /IEC 17021

International accreditations:

  • Ministry of Agriculture, Republic of Indonesia
  • Japan Health Ministry
  • SFDA Saudi Food and Drug authority

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