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Your regular update for technical and industry information

UAE mandatory Scheme for Control on Food Contact Materials

July, 2016

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) UAE Scheme for Control on Food Contact Materials (FCM) came into force under UAE cabinet resolution No. 21 for the year 2015. Per the Scheme, all FCM must comply with UAE.S GSO 2231 which states the general requirements for the materials intended to come into contact with food and the applicable standard described in Table 1.  The Scheme also introduced labelling requirements for materials in contact with food.

Applicants who wish to apply a conformity certificate for FCM should submit the application through the website of Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology along with the documents specified under the registration requirements of the service.

Table 1. Applicable standards under UAE Scheme for Control on FCM

Standard Title
UAE.S GSO 124 General requirements for fresh fruits and vegetables boxes
UAE.S GSO 142 Tableware made from melamine plastics
UAE.S GSO 458 Wrapping paper and paper bags
UAE.S GSO 462 Single-use rigid and semi-rigid plastic cups and containers for packaging beverages, milk products, and allied purposes
UAE.S GSO 839 Food Packages - Part 1: General Requirements
UAE.S GSO 1102 Milk paperboard containers
UAE.S GSO 1193 Polyethylene bags for food packaging applications
UAE.S GSO 1791 Three piece steel round cans used for canning food stuffs
UAE.S GSO 1793 The two pieces Aluminum round cans used for canning food (beverages & stuffs)
UAE.S GSO 1794 The two pieces Steel round cans used for canning foodstuffs
UAE.S GSO 1797 Round metal cans used for canning food stuffs: definitions, construction, dimensions and capacities
UAE.S GSO 1863 Food packages - Part 2: ‎Plastic package - General ‎requirements
UAE.S/GSO 2075 Cook ware made from thermal glass
UAE.S/GSO 1008 Cold formed Aluminum household utensils
UAE.S GSO 2138 Tea and herbs bags
UAE.S GSO 2014 Domestic cookware coating materials
UAE.S GSO 1024 Non-returnable glass bottles for carbonated beverage
UAE.S GSO CAC 193 General standard for contaminants and toxins in food
UAE.S GSO CAC GL 6 Guideline levels for vinyl chloride monomer and acrylonitrile in food and packaging material
UAE.S GSO ISO 6486-2:2013 Ceramic ware, glass-ceramic ware and glass dinnerware in contact with food -- Release of lead and cadmium -- Part 2: Permissible limits
GSO EN 12546-2 Materials and articles in contact with foodstuffs. Insulated containers for domestic use. Specification for insulated bags and boxes
UAE.S GSO 9 Labelling of Prepackaged Foods
UAE.S GSO 21 Hygienic Regulation for poultry processing abattoir and their personnel
UAE.S GSO 1694:2005 General Principles Of Food Hygiene



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