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Codex Alimentarius Commission publishes updated food standards

The Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) has recently published a number of updated standards applicable to several different food products. 

Issued in early October, the updated food standards include the following:

  • CXS 86-1981 Standard for Cocoa Butter—This updated Codex standard applies exclusively to cocoa butter used as an ingredient in the manufacture of chocolate and chocolate products. The 2019 edition repeals and removes an Amendment to the standard published in 2016. 
  • CXS 53-1981 Standard for Special Dietary Foods with Low Sodium Content (including Salt Substitutes) 2019—First adopted in 1981, this updated standard applies to foods which are designated for special diets in which salt intake is restricted. The 2019 amended edition repeals and removes an Amendment from 1983.
  • CXS 89-1981 Standard for Luncheon Meat 2015—The updated version of this standard defines essential quality factors applicable to all products designated as “luncheon meat” that have been prepared from meat or poultry and which have been cured and which may have been smoked.  
  • CXS 97-1981 Standard for Cooked Cured Port Shoulder 2015—This updated Codex standard applies to products made of meat from the foreleg of a pig, with the bones, tendons and ligaments removed, and which has been cured and which may have been smoked, spiced and/or flavored. 
  • CXS 98-1981 Standard for Cook Cured Chopped Meat 2015—Also adopted in 1981, this updated standard applied to products in which at least 50% of the meat used consists of coarsely cut or ground pieces of not less than 8 mm in diameter and not greater than 15 mm in any one dimension. 

Codex food standards and codes are updated on a regular basis to reflect current scientific knowledge and research, thereby contributing to the establishment of uniform food safety practices among CAS Member Countries and Organizations. 

Copies of these updated Codex food standards are available here.

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