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Austria: Results of compliance check for Food Contact Materials


Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety GmbH (AGES) has recently published two reports of priority action to check compliance for food contact materials. 

The investigations were aimed to check the compliance of release of heavy metal and other criteria in corresponding food law requirement for ceramic, enamel, glass, metal and metal alloys food contact materials (A-032-20)1, and migration of primary aromatic amines (PAA) in legal requirements for kitchen articles made of polyamide (A-043-20)2.

Samples from all over Austria were examined by the supervisory authorities of the federal states. The samples were sent to AGES or other examination centres for analysis and assessment. If the assessment reveals non-complaints, the competent state authority must take measures and/or report the matter. The samples would be rejected in the event of violations of food law.

The following is a brief summary of the two reports: 

  1. Report A-032-20 for ceramics, enamels, glass and metals:
    There were 30 samples examined and 4 samples did not comply with the regulation. All the non-compliant samples were related to the declaration of conformity.
    Reason for non-compliant No. of samples
    Inadequate / missing declaration of conformity according to national Ceramics Ordinance No.893/19933
    Missing declaration of conformity according to EU Regulation No.2018/213 on Bisphenol A 1
    Inadequate declaration of conformity according to EU Plastic Regulation No.10/2011 1
  2. Report A-043-20 for polyamide kitchen utensils:
    5 out of 45 samples were not complied with the regulation.

    Reason for non-compliant No. of samples
    Excessive release of 4,4’-MDA (CAS No. 101-77-9) according to new limit under EU Plastic Regulation No.2020/1245 (0.002 mg/kg) 2
    Failed to allow traceability according EU framework Regulation No.1935/2004 Article 17 2
    Incomplete information in declaration of conformity according to EU Plastic Regulation (EU) No.10/2011


[1]  Report A-032-20, December 2020

[2]  Report A-043-20, March 2021

[3]  Ceramics Ordinance No.893/1993


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