ISO 13849 - Functional Safety for the Machinery Sector

Instructor-led Training3 DaysBeginner

Today’s industry needs cross-disciplinary knowledge to achieve the maximum quality, reliability and safety. Constantly changing functions in mobile and stationary systems require companies to reach high levels of expertise, particularly with regard to safety, in order to master this complexity. Safety regulations insist that persons with responsibilities in these environments must possess adequate specialist knowledge. TÜV SÜD possesses the needed expertise to train your employees in all aspects of safety of machinery. Our training program involves courses without certification, as well as with certification for customers who would like to demonstrate their qualification externally. The following day after the course you can participate the exam acc. the Functional Safety Certification Program in order to be qualified as Functional Safety Engineer.

Day 1: Risk Assessment

  • Risk assessment according to international standard ISO 12100 and best practice
  • Methodologies for risk assessment based on real examples
  • Step by Step procedure for risk assessment completion
  • Hazard Identification, Risk Estimation, Risk Evaluation and Hazard Rating Number
  • Introduction to risk reduction techniques following risk assessment completion
  • Practical workshop for risk assessment with worked examples

Day 2 & 3: Functional Safety - ISO 13849 & IEC 62061

  • Introduction to Functional Safety
  • Hazard & Risk Analysis
  • Safety Concept ISO 13849-1
  • Safety Concept IEC 62061
  • Software – lifecycle, embedded and user software
  • Safety System Architectures
  • Example for PL evaluation with Sistema
  • Evaluation of the safety parameters – PL, category, MTTFd, DC and CCF
  • Practical Exercises
  • Verification and Validation ISO 13849-2
  • Gained the techniques for Risk Assessment (ISO 12100) including Hazard Identification, Risk Estimation & Evaluation and calculating Hazard Rating Number.
  • Gained an awareness of the key parts of the standards ( EN 62061 and ISO 13849-1) including SIL Determination, Performance Levels, Diagnostic Coverage and Common Cause Failures etc, for safety circuit designs.
  • Gained an understanding of some of the differences between EN 62061 and EN ISO 13849-1 and the concepts which these standards promote.
  • Gained an understanding of the requirements of the standards to deal with the avoidance of systematic errors.
  • Have an understanding of the importance of verification and validation (ISO 13849-2)

The training targets engineers, testers, project leads and quality representatives primarily involved in the development, production and implementation of programmable electronic safety systems and other appropriate systems and subsystems in the machinery safety area and execute the development based on ISO 13849 and IEC 62061.

There are no admission requirements for this training.

  • The lecture language is English as standard.
  • The presentation slides and participant documents for this training are written only in English.


TUV SUD Certificate of Attendance

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