Automotive Cybersecurity Level 2 (Professional) according to ISO / SAE 21434

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This professional training provides those involved in the automotive industry with advanced knowledge in order to be able to implement the new cybersecurity requirements according to the ISO/SAE 21434 security standard. This training addresses people who work in the automotive cybersecurity, management, engineering or audit environment. It is also suitable for project, process and sales managers, as well as those interested in the topic. The focus of this training is on the cybersecurity lifecycle for automotive products. In addition to a brief refresher on the content of the standard, important aspects of ISO/SAE 21434 that play an important role along the automotive lifecycle are discussed in detail. Starting with the topic "Culture & Competence", through cybersecurity planning to audits & assessments and post-development activities. The learning concept provides a holistic methodology geared towards the automotive ecosystem. The training Automotive Cybersecurity Level 2 (Professional Training) was developed in cooperation with the standard developer SAE International and recognized experts from the automotive industry. The certification concept on which the training is based includes a multi-stage qualification and is characterized by a high level of practical relevance.

  • Benefit from:
    • Best practices for efficient implementation of the cybersecurity requirements of ISO/SAE 21434.
    • Practical training content through a comprehensive, realistic case study.
    • Firstclass specialist lecturers at TÜV SÜD who, in addition to didactic know-how, also contribute well-founded experience from practice and auditing.
  • This training provides knowledge regarding the implementation of ISO/SAE 21434 with focus on the cybersecurity lifecycle:
    • Standards and Regulations, Culture & Competence
    • Automotive Ecosystem & Planning
    • Audits & Assessments
    • Distributed Development, Policies, Rules and Processes, Tool Management
    • Cybersecurity Case
    • Post Development Activities, Item Definition, Goals & Claims, Concept & Controls
    • Product Development
    • Validation & Verification Strategy, Test Methods
  • Cyber Security Managers and Practitioners
  • Engineering Personnel
  • Developer
  • Designer
  • Tester
  • Process owners / designers
  • Production and project manager
  • Audit and audit officers
  • The default training language is German. Please refer to the scheduled trainings for alternative language options.
  • The training slides and the exam for this training will be English.
  • Please refer to the end of this page in order to find the Online-Training related examination regulation.
  • Certificate of participation and, if the exam is passed, an "Automotive Cybersecurity Professional" certificate from the TÜV SÜD Academy

TÜV SÜD Akademie Österreich bietet diese Veranstaltung auch in Deutsch an.

Successful completion of the training "Automotive Cybersecurity Level 1 (Foundation) according to ISO/SAE 21434"

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