Basics on certification of green hydrogen according to CertifHy® (E-Learning)

Online Training​45 MinutesOnlineE-Learning
Hydrogen (H2) is a meaningful energy carrier when it comes to sustainability. But only the use of green hydrogen helps reducing the carbon footprint.

This training will show you how green hydrogen can contribute towards a carbon free and sustainable future, and how one can use and certify green hydrogen with the European scheme “CertifHy” for their own purpose.

  • Definition of green hydrogen
  • Production of green hydrogen
  • Ideas and concepts behind CertifHy®
  • CertifHy® certification process and steps
  • Legal requirements of EU's Renewable Energy Directive (Red II)

Auditors, project developers; authorities; certification bodies

  • Each participant receives a personalized license limited to 365 days.
  • Discounted company conditions for the purchase of license packages are possible on request to [email protected]
  • The training is based on German standards and laws.
  • Certification of attendance from TÜV SÜD Akademie Österreich

  • A DSL internet connection and a web browser with activated Flash Player are required for the course. As well as a standard PC with a sound card and, if possible, headphones.
  • In order to provide the access to the course, a personal e-mail address is required.
  • This training will show you how CertifHy green hydrogen can contribute towards a carbon-free and sustainable future and how green hydrogen can be used and certified for organizational purposes.
  • You will learn how the certification process is set up in general and who the involved parties are
  • The Basics on certification of green hydrogen training is carried out at a flexible time on your computer.
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