The Ishikawa QM Method (E-Learning)

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What is the Ishikawa method and how can this method be applied to structured problem solving in a team? Get to know a simple, easy-to-use method, learn how to present complex cause-and-effect relations in an illustrative manner and to identify the root cause of the problem from this presentation. E-learning lets you learn how to use this method alone or in a team of colleagues wherever and whenever convenient.

This E-learning allows you in just 20 minutes and whenever and wherever convenient to familiarise yourself with a frequently used QM method which will help you find the actual root-cause of your problem.

  • Introduction to the Ishikawa method
  • Presentation of the process with the help of a case study
  • Reflection on the advantages offered by this method
  • Checking of the knowledge acquired in a short quiz
  • Anyone interested in a structured method to identify root causes
  • Specialists and executives in the field of quality management
  • Each participant receives a personalized license limited to 365 days.
  • Discounted company conditions for the purchase of license packages are possible on request to [email protected]
  • The training is based on German standards and laws.
  • Certification of attendance from TÜV SÜD Akademie Österreich

To ensure the course runs smoothly, you need a DSL Internet connection and a web browser with Flash Player enabled as well as a standard PC with sound card and headphones, if possible.

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