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The „5 Whys“ QM Method (English)

Ask questions to get to the root of a problem with the „5 Whys“ QM Method


Before we can solve a problem, we first need to determine its actual root cause. Frequently, we tend to focus on the most obvious cause and then wonder why the problem persists. The “5 Whys” QM method counters this phenomenon by guiding us to the crux of the problem.

Learn the results-oriented “5-Whys” technique and quickly and reliably identify the root cause of a problem.
The e-learning course "5 Whys" lets you learn this asking technique whenever and wherever convenient. Check your knowledge by completing the quiz offered at the end of the e-learning course.

course contents

  • Introduction to the “5 Whys method” 

  • Use of the method for a case study

  • Information on the pitfalls involved in using this method

  • Final quiz

your benefit

  • Whenever and wherever convenient, our e-learning course “5 Whys” teaches you how to use the frequently used QM method “5 Whys” either on your own or with others in a team. Using a case study as an example you will learn how to apply the method.

who should attend

  •  Everybody interested in getting to the crux of a Problem
  • Specialists and executives in the field of quality management


  • To ensure the course runs smoothly, you need a DSL Internet connection and a web browser with Flash Player enabled as well as a standard PC with sound card and headphones, if possible.


Certificate of attendance from the TÜV SÜD Academy


89,00 € excl. VAT


approx. 20 minutes


  • Every participant will receive a personalised licence for using the content of the e-learning course. This licence will be valid for 180 days.


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