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SCC Training for Operative Managers (English)

Safety Certification for Contractors Online Course


SCC (Safety Certification for Contractors) is a health and safety management system for technical services. An important part of the SCC is the qualification of employees and managers on the topics of safety, health and the environment (SHE).

We therefore provide an e-learning course teaching you SHE standards: Based on 14 modules, you can prepare effectively for the SHE test according to document 017 (for Managers) of the SCC rules. In this timewise flexible course, you will be able to determine your own learning speed and check your progress by means of a short knowledge test at the end of each module. The individual modules are self-contained and do not have to be completed in a particular order.

Upon completion of all modules you are entitled to download your certificate.

Course Contents

Topics of SCC Training - Overview of 14 modules:

  • Legal Provision
  • Hazard and risk assessment
  • Work accident - accident causes, prevention and accident reportin
  • Safe behavio
  • Working Organisatio
  • Workplace and job specification
  • Emergency measures and first ai
  • Hazardous substance
  • Fire and explosion protectio
  • Work Equipmen
  • Work proces
  • Electricity and Radiatio
  • Workplace design
  • Personal protection equipment (PPE)

Who should attend

  • Operative managers (e.g. technicians, engineers, construction managers, project managers, technical service providers and personal Service providers)


  • To ensure the course runs smoothly, you need a DSL Internet connection and a web browser with Flash Player enabled as well as a standard PC with sound card and headphones, if possible.


Certificate of attendance from TÜV SÜD


215,00 € excl. VAT


approx. 5 hours 

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