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Softlines regulatory handbook


Keep up-to-date with the latest regulatory requirements for apparel, footwear and accessories

Growing consumer and industry concern for health and sustainability means that the regulatory landscape in the fashion industry is frequently changing. Keeping abreast of the latest regulations that affect your products is imperative, and failing to do so could have dire consequences for your business.
To help you navigate this complex field, our industry experts have compiled this Softlines regulatory handbook, collating everything you need to know about current regulations applying to apparel, footwear and accessories.

To receive the latest Softlines Regulatory Handbook, please contact [email protected].

Why download this e-book?

  • Major regulatory bodies and their roles in North America and the EU
  • Global requirements on hazardous substances
  • Overview of key upcoming safety regulations
  • Quick-reference guide to drawstring and flammability requirements

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