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Virtual Simulations - Trucks

Product sheet

Virtual simulations

In the field of computer aided engineering (CAE), we offer a wide range of services for the manufacturers of vehicles and their components, from designing, intelligent computer-based testing, calculations serving for homologation, through to support of experiments and preparation of technical documentation.

Your Challenges

As current market demands increase volume of work, while time and costs decrease, new approaches are sought. It is imperative to meet increasing safety requirements and customer expectation in both research & development (R&D) as well as certification testing sensitivity and robustness analyses lead to desired objective of having covered all possible scenarios and variants that comply to safety requirements. This does not have to be necessarily related only to crash simulations, but NVH, durability, strength, stiffness etc.

Using the virtual simulation results in development time reduction and often in weak points identification yet before the prototype is made and hence significantly decrease associated costs. Virtual simulations are very often correlated with physical testing to ensure accuracy and reliability. This leads to overall acceptance of the virtual simulations as a suitable tool by customer and authorities.

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