Committed to a zero-impact service arrangement for our customers

Adding value with our service portfolio

Adding value with our service portfolio

Committed to a zero-impact service arrangement for our customers

The UK is currently negotiating its exit terms with the EU. TÜV SÜD is committed to partnering our customers throughout the Brexit transition and are taking active steps to minimise the associated impact and risks for our customers. It is important to note that the BREXIT negotiation is a complicated and dynamic process, in which both the EU and UK government are publicly positioning their arguments to enhance their part of the UK exit deal.

As an independent organisation operating a global network of Technical Certifiers, TÜV SÜD has been closely monitoring the developments. We have plans in place for the possible scenarios since 2016 and have been working closely with both the UK Government officials as well as the EU to ensure that we are well-placed to provide the latest guidance and best approach for our customers.

Expected negotiation outcome

As of January 2018, we expect the exit process to include a transitional deal extending 2 years beyond the March 2019 exit date. Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRAs), covering a range of matters related to product safety and certification, are expected to be in place shortly after the intended exit date.

Zero-impact service arrangement

  • In the absence of a MRA, TÜV SÜD BABT has identified and is acting on two separate solutions to enable a seamless transition for our customers. Our aim is to provide you with continuous product-to-market support, via a zero-impact service arrangement.
  • Our plan is to transfer all the Notified Body appointments (such as RED, MARED) to an existing EU member country at no additional costs for the customers. This is actively underway with the aim to complete all transition in 2018.
  • The service will be delivered through the same process and team which you are familiar with today, further strengthened by collaboration with subject-matter experts in other NBs.
  • We understand that each of your business challenges are unique and this we will identify an appropriate Brexit transition certification strategy for each of our customers individually.
  • Throughout this process, you can be assured that TÜV SÜD is committed to supporting your business and will continue to issue certificates and updates on new/existing products. We will work alongside our customers to mitigate the risks accompanying outcomes of the Brexit negotiation.

Our aim is to have zero impact on our customers selling into both the EU and the UK markets. Contact us today for an in-depth conversation on your Brexit transition certification strategy.

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